Become data Literate

Have a basic understanding of statistical and computational concepts, as well as the ability to use tools and technologies to work with data.


Analyze and see opportunities

Process and evaluate data using statistical and computational techniques to uncover patterns, trends, and relationships. Involve and prepare data, explore and visualize data to discover insights.



Visualize and leverage

Data visualization is an important tool as it helps to uncover patterns and trends in data that might not be immediately apparent from looking at raw data. 

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is a non-profit consortium that promotes and facilitates the usage of the Management methods in Data in an Effective and sustainable manner.

What is the Effective Data Foundation

Master of Growth (MoG) is a consortium and community of Growth Hacking Professionals who believe in continues value creation. And that sustainable growth can be achieved by focusing on value to your customer. 

  • Master of Growth have established a collection of content pieces that act as a body of knowledge that like to generate continuous value them selfs.  
  • Master of Growth has established a community for professionals where they can connect and exchange experiences and experiments. 

Through a network of education partners, the practices and growth hacking knowledge can be transferred and certified through the Master of Growth – Foundation Certification.

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All partners share values of transparency, excellence and equity

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Training partners are accredited based on strict guidelines that safeguard training quality and effectiveness as the Master of Growth consortium set out.

Member organizations

Member organizations support the mission of the Master of Growth Consortium and commit to achieving the common goal, each member in its own way

The Effective Data Foundation Certification Council​

Expert pannel

The Master of Growth consortium has established a certification council that provides advice on content-related matters and is responsible for auditing the Master of Growth certification.

The Certification Council is an independent panel of Master of Growth and education experts representing different industries and interests.

Council members are selected from member organizations of the Master of Growth consortium. Based on their experience, network, and contributions to Growth Hacking.

Ivo van Haren | CEO Van Haren Publishing

Van Haren publishing is world’s leading publisher in best practices, frameworks and standards in Project Management. 

Michel Dekker | Founder Nova Silva

Combines experience and expertise on Dashboards to improve performance.

Senior Power BI Consultant & Trainer

A born analyse who likes to lead based on facts. Being strategical when it comes to decision making and willing to take them.

The importance of understanding your data.

Being data literate means having the skills to ask questions of data, to explore and analyze data to discover patterns and insights, and to use data to inform decision-making. It also involves the ability to communicate findings and insights to others in a clear and effective manner, using visualizations and other techniques as appropriate.

Data literacy is an important skill in today’s world, as data is increasingly used in a wide range of fields and industries. It is especially important for professionals who work with data on a daily basis, such as data analysts, data scientists, and business intelligence professionals. However, data literacy is useful for anyone who wants to be able to make informed decisions based on data, regardless of their profession. 

There are many tools and techniques used in data analysis, including Excel, SQL, R, Python, and others. The specific tools and techniques used depend on the nature of the data, the questions being asked, and the goals of the analysis.

Data analysis is an important skill in many fields, including business, finance, science, and public policy. It is used to inform decision-making, develop new products and services, and understand complex phenomena. Data analysts, data scientists, and other professionals who work with data use data analysis to extract meaning from data and communicate their findings to others.

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