Welcome to the KNVI Special Interest Group (SIG)

Open Standards

What does the Open Standards Special Interest Group (SIG) do?


Keeping track of open standards

The KNVI Open Standards Special Interest Group (SIG) maintains an up-to-date list of open standards and plots them on the nine-plane model.  


Connecting open standards

Based on its research, the Open Standards Special Interest Group (SIG) looks at how open standards connect with each other and also actively contributes to this when desired.


Contribution to association activities for the benefit of open standards

As part of the KNVI and Patron of the former ASL BiSL Foundation, this Special Interest Group (SIG) contributes to association activities and the open standards community.

What are open standards?

“Open standards” are standards that are made available to the general public and are developed (or approved) and maintained through a collaborative and consensus-driven process.

“Open standards” facilitate interoperability and data exchange between different products or services and are intended for widespread use and acceptance.

Improved efficiency and effectiveness:

Management standards help organizations to streamline their processes and work more efficiently.

This leads to increased productivity and effectiveness in achieving objectives.

Who are we?

KNVI Open Standards Special Interest Group (SIG)

The KNVI Open Standards Special Interest Group (SIG), as the name suggests, is a interest group within the KNVI. This is a non-profit association with no commercial profit motive, which only exists for its members.

The Open Standards Special Interest Group (SIG) invests time and energy in mapping out open standards and connecting them with each other where possible.

So that others and KNVI members can benefit from these open standards.