Mission - KNVI Open Standards Working Group


The ambition of this working group is to be the go-to point for professionals looking for new and open standards in their field.

Why open standards?

The Dutch government has an open standards policy because open standards contribute to interoperability and vendor independence. The use of open standards in information systems saves money and reduces administrative burdens.

Why interoperability?

Interoperability means being able to exchange digital data between government agencies, between the government, businesses and citizens. The use of open standards improves this communication because the information systems understand each other.

Why vendor independence?

Vendor independence means more choice of vendor. Open standards are not software specific and can be embedded in any information system by any supplier.

Target audience:

The working group collaborates with a number of key stakeholders in the field. Together with these parties, the sessions to be organized can also be filled in. Possible involved stakeholders are:

Large users of open standards, for example Shell, and/or RABO/ING/ABNAMRO